Our goal...

The wide space that goes from Central Europe to China carries the history of our culture and conceals amazing beauties. The name of its cities, its monuments, its heroes, its mountains and its deserts make us dream of adventure. But this territory is also the land of the tragedies of the past century. Nowadays it is still little and badly known.

Moscow - Caspian Sea - Ulaan-Baatar (Mongolia):

  • 2 motorbikes, 2 months (June to August 2010)
  • 14,000 kilometres on Ural side-cars on the road of the old empires of Central Asia
  • 1 objective: Get £14,000 of donations for 14,000 km for the benefit of two charities: Hermano Pedro School and SOS Children, one of whose orphenages is located in Ulaan Baatar (ultimate stage of our trip)

Who are we?


Charles' portrait by Flo

Charles was born in 1981. We met in London three years ago when he joined MGPA to work in real estate. Charles is a big fan of music and shows and he is the big leader of our night life in London. Charles is at the very beginning of this project that came in to our minds when coming back from a party where we had way too much whiskey. I immediately realized that Charles was the kind of man on whom you can rely on and that he had clearly understood that old moto by Leonard de Vinci: « A man is not what he dreams but what he does». Charles is also a video specialist and you can already book a night off for the screening of the Road of Empires movie.

Flo's portrait by Charles

Florent is believed to be born somewhere around 1979. He is a natural born traveler. When we first talked about the project, I immediately knew I could rely on him and when he said “Yes, let’s do it”, he was ready to go. Florent has a strong sense of commitment. He said yes to live in Hong Kong, New York or Costa Rican coffee plantations while joining his commodities trading company ED&F Man. He said yes to travel in 31 wild countries or in the wilder North of France. He said yes to a one-year world trip reporting sustainable development initiatives (Ecotour2002). He is a man of passion, he is a man of great projects and ambitions, he is a man who will surely bother you again for many years about his new adventures or charity initiatives.

In memory of our dear friend Louis Lebel...

We dreamed of and started preparing this trip with Louis. Louis passed away on 3rd May 2009 following a tragic mountain accident.
Louis was a great traveller and was eager to discover more. He was fearless, loved challenges and never gave up.
He will be close to us in our hearts at each step of this trip.
We miss him a lot and this trip is a way to remember him...

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